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Our motto is “Adopt, Adapt, Improve”. We share ideas openly with trust, and empower each individual to make a positive impact at home, work and in his community. We call it Tabling and we do this locally where we meet regularly. We plan and organise meetings and events for ourselves and others that focus on personal development, fun & fellowship and community service. Together we form an international network of bright young men. We are Round Table. One World, One Table.

Round Table Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, the Round Table association (Table Ronde Luxembourgeoise) is organised as a non-profit association (ASBL) registered with the Luxembourg Business Registry (RCS numer F5658).

The association is composed of numbered local “Tables” distributed geographically throughout the country, each with between 20 and 30 members.

The association is managed by a National Committee which is composed as follows:

National president
Christian Huberty

Vice president
Christian Mais

Past president
Gilles Walers

National secretary
Christophe Shinn

National treasurer
Gilles Godart

Public relations officer (PRO)
Sébastien Gudenburg

Thierry Schaack

Thomas Keipes

Responsable Duckrace
Tommy Schaus

International relations officer (IRO)
Younes Oumeziane

Community Service Officer (CSO)
Guy Jr. Gardula

Currently, approximately 160 members are spread over 7 local tables, which operates as independent non-profit association with their own Committee, composed of a President, a Past-President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and an IRO.

Presidents Message

A fundamentally humanistic organisation, Round Table offers a real scale of values, entirely disinterested, for simpler and truer human relationships.

To be a member of Round Table is not necessarily to believe that we can make a different world, but that we can make a difference in the world. In a world that is unfortunately increasingly characterised by social divisions and general dissociation, Round Table has an inherent duty to act as a beacon of respect, understanding as well as friendship and camaraderie – a refuge for everyone with respect for social and friendship values.

The importance of the work and commitment of Round Table allows us to accommodate and (re-)introduce a culture of kindness towards others, but also towards ourselves. The spirit of mutual aid and volunteerism that are the hallmark of Round Table Luxembourg allow us to continue the path shown by the generations of spreadsheets who have passed before us for 60 years now in Luxembourg and 96 years internationally.


Round Table is organised in more than 65 countries with in total 54 associations. Some associations contain more than one country. In total we have over 2.275 clubs and around 30.000 members worldwide. An organisation like this needs a good structure.

As part of an international network of round tables, the Luxembourg Round Table participates in global projects and benefits from a worldwide exchange of ideas and experiences. This network spans over 50 countries, providing opportunities for our members to connect with and learn from other young leaders around the world.

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