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In Luxembourg, the Round Table association takes the form of a non-profit association (ASBL) whose updated statutes were published in Mémorial C -N° 2562 of 15 October 2013 (pages 122963-122970).

Like its foreign sisters, it has numbered "Tables" distributed throughout the country, each with between 20 and 30 members.

Currently, approximately 160 members are spread over 7 local tables: TR1, TR3 and TR6 in Luxembourg, TR2 in Esch-sur-Alzette, TR4 in the North, TR5 in the Moselle region and TR7 in the Mullerthal region.

In addition, each Local Table operates independently with its own Committee, always composed of a President, a Past-President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and an IRO.

The association is managed by a National Committee which is composed as follows:


  • National President

    Pierre EVEN

    He embodies the values and aspirations of the movement and tries to carry out concerted action around a personal leitmotiv, he is the first to serve all

  • Vice President

    Perry Arensdorff

    He observes and learns for his future role as President and replaces the President when he is absent

  • Past President

    Robert VAN DEN OORD

    he assists by providing advice and representation

  • National Secretary

    Philippe MAS

    he is the driving force behind internal communications

  • National Treasurer

    Stéphane HAMEN

    he is the financial guardian

  • Public Relations Officer (PRO)

    Pit MASS

    he is in charge of public relations in Luxembourg

  • Shopkeeper

    Chalres BETTINGEN

    He manages stocks and sells Round Table products: T-shirts, badges....

  • Webmaster

    Pierre DE LA CELLE

    He ensures the Internet presence of the TRL

  • International Relations Officer (IRO)

    Laurent REISDORFF

    he is in charge of international affairs

  • Community Service Officer (CSO)

    Frédéric SIMON

    He ensures the coordination of charitable actions

  • Legal advisor

    Olivier KRONSHAGEN
  • Special Advisor for International Affairs

    Gilles Walers
  • Seven local Round Table Presidents:

    TR1: Philippe VERMAST TR2: Guy GARDULA TR3: Yoan AREND TR4: Christian HUBERTY TR5: Val KUGENER TR6: Nicolas DI PRATA TR7: Pit FRISCH


The national associations are all part of one of the world's sub-regions, namely the Africa region, the Asia-Pacific region and the EMA, Europe, the Mediterranean and America region, of which the Luxembourg Round Table is a member.

In addition, there are three subgroups within the ENA region: the Central Tablers' Meeting (CTM), Southern Tablers' Meeting (STM) and Nordic Tablers' Meeting (NTM).

The world regions form the subdivisions of the International Round Table (IRT), which oversees all the organizations of the Round Table around the world. The RTI is in turn part, with other service-clubs (Apex, Active 20-30...) of the World Council of Service Clubs (WOCO).

Some divisions have legal personality such as national associations, global sub-regions, RTI, WOCO... while others are not: Local Tables, CTM, STM, NTM,... In particular, the EMA region has adopted special rules (standing orders) and operates with a Secretary and a President.

Each subdivision organizes at least one meeting per year at its level.

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